PPE Kit Set

Shield 9 is a necessity requested by all countries in the 21st century for their government, army, hospitals and UN health organization


Hooded Protective Clothing

With double-layer fabric combining breathable film and non-woven fabric, it uses highest level medical fabric to protect workers.

N-95 Mask

The Dobu Mask 201 series filtering facepiece respirators are NIOSH approved and designed to help provide respiratory protection against certain airborne contaminants when used in accordance with all use instructions and limitations and applicable safety and health regulations.

Medical Safety Goggles

The protective medical-grade goggles have been certified by the Korea Conformity System (KCs).

Nitrile Gloves

Certified as first-grade medical device, which guarantees hygiene and safety. Made in Korea.




ASTM F1670 _ Nelson Lab, USA

Precautions for use

Before wearing protective clothing, be sure to read and familiarize the below contents.

  • Before using protective clothing, be sure to check if there is a functional problem due to defects such as breakage and folding or any other abnormality.


  • Do not use in places with 100°C of fire, flame, spark or explosive places. If the protective clothing is sufficiently melted, severe burns can be introduced to the human body.


  • For special tasks, additional aids are required. The configuration and wearing time of the additional equipment must be appropriately selected according to the user’s working conditions and environment.


  • When storing, it should avoid heat and direct sunlight, automobiles, forklifts and other vehicles and soot gas. After use, contaminated products must be properly disposed of according to contaminant level.




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